It’s amazing to see how the marketing landscape has changed over the last few years, thanks to the mighty internet. Consumers are aware of the choices and take well-informed decisions for every purchase.

Sixty percent want to connect with sales during the consideration stage, after they’ve researched the options and come up with a short list- HubSpot

This indicates that sales and marketing teams should be scouting innovative means to reach out and engage with their target audience. Marketing teams have to ensure to cut through the noise clutter and interact with their prospects in a way that builds trust and long-term relationships, leading to conversions and revenue generation. Marketing automation comes into picture in this scenario where it helps to automate all marketing tasks like lead generation, emails, contact management, follow-ups, social media marketing etc. This enables the marketers to free their time from manual data entry work and utilize their time and efforts. They can easily integrate with CRM tools to achieve the holy grail of lead conversion and revenues.
Marketing automation software is designed for marketing teams and businesses who want to automate their repetitive marketing tasks, improve productivity and measure the marketing efforts. The MA tools are useful to create specifications and targeted outcomes for a particular task or process, which are then interpreted, stored and executed by the software. This improves overall efficiency for marketing teams and reduces errors caused due to manual data entry.

To qualify as a great marketing automation tool, the platform must possess the following features:
  • Automate emails, social media posts, SMS, and digital ads
  • Allow segmentation of target audience for marketing campaigns
  • Connect with prospects after specific actions or a certain period of time

How To Choose The Perfect Marketing Automation Tool For Your Business?

There are approximately 20-25 marketing automation vendors available globally with prices ranging from $50 to $1000. Most of the tools offer great features in selected price bundles. Choosing the ideal marketing automation platform for your business is critical for the success of your marketing campaigns. More often than not, marketers simply choose a run-of-the-mill marketing automation platform because they either found it easy to use or it was light on their pockets. This adds little or no value to your marketing campaigns and strategy because it may lack the features essential for your business type and target audience.

Ongoing Cost– What will be the ongoing cost per user for the tool? Will there be an additional charge for additional users?

Features– What features are being offered in the given price bundle?

User-interface– Is it easy to use and understand?

Setup and implementation cost– Is there a setup and implementation cost?

Software integrations– Will it integrate easily with CRM, Email or other software?

How can we help?

We are based in Pune, India with excellent time zone connectivity with the entire APAC market. We can help companies setup:

  • Human Chat Support
  • Pre Sales & Post Sales support
  • Product / Platform Demos
  • Marketing Outreach
  • Hosting Training & Webinars

Why work with us?

We are veterans in the digital marketing industry and have hands on expertise in using and advocating a wide variety of tools in the digital space. right from a simple keyword rank tracking tool to a data visualisation platform and project management platforms, we have extensive exposure to these platforms and their capabilities.
On the other hand, being digital marketers ourselves, we are well versed with the typical buyer persons and have a deep understanding of the common operational issues.

Some tools / platforms we have worked on extensively:
  • Project Management: Basecamp, Teamwork, Asana, Invision
  • Digital Marketing: Moz, SEM Rush, Raven Tools, Positionly
  • Paid Marketing: Unbounce, Acquisio, Kenshoo
  • Business Intelligence / Dashboarding: Geckoboard, Tap Analytics

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