Emerging technologies and rapidly multiplying channels and platforms are aiding the explosion in data and data technologies. This has opened up an unprecedented array of insights into customer needs and conversion patterns. With the increasing number of devices and communication channels, the task of harnessing the power of data has become difficult.

Data Collection & Management

Our expertise covers all the major tracking solutions on the market and we can help you develop custom solutions to do the same

Prodigitas helps you identify tracking solutions that let you collect behavioural data on-site, view-through and click-through data on all advertising formats and measure click-through rates & are suited to you unique requirements

Business Intelligence
for Agencies

With sophisticated customers, data capabilities can lend you a competitive edge.

For agencies, there is extra emphasis on tracking data – big data, mobile data, performance data, campaign data, product data and even data about how the data is tracked. Strong campaigns require powerful data analysis, human & technology capabilities & that’s where we come in.

Insights that go beyond vanity metrics

With metrics, it’s easy to get caught up in asking the wrong questions. Businesses allocate a huge portion of their budget trying to get customers to their online locations and then measuring merely awareness metrics – like page views, visits, and readers. What gets none of the emphasis it deserves is the rest of the customer experience
Here are a few of the questions that we can help you answer

  • Who is coming to your site, and what are those people doing once they get there?
  • What channels are driving buying customers?
  • Who is converting?
  • What conversions are deepening relationships?
  • What conversions are driving revenue?
  • Who is buying multiple times?
  • What’s your lifetime customer value?
  • What are your churn rates?

Optimize your

Prodigitas helps you evaluate your business objectives and define key performance indicators (KPI), collect relevant data and report efficiently.
Monitor business performance easily on one graphical dashboard that displays all your key metrics & is equipped with customised reporting tools.

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