Your Virtual Digital Marketing Agency In India

Tied down with limited project timelines? How about a your own virtual agency with certified experts in Digital Marketing? Our virtual agency will help you:
  • Extend and augment your current operations with minimal investments and zero overheads.
  • Share current workload, to enable your team to work more strategically.
  • Scale your delivery capacity quickly.
  • Bring predictability in your cost of delivery by paying a monthly fee per resource.
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Our Services

Prodigitas is led by a team of digital marketing & process outsourcing experts who act as a true extension of your company. It provides you an excellent opportunity of extending your digital marketing team and also define the features of the work environment.

Let Prodigitas help you with:
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO Services
  • PPC Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Development & Design
  • Content Development

Key Features


Flexible Pricing

Mature Processes

Strong Client Relations

Dedicated Team

Technology Ready

How We Work?

1. We commence work when a client approaches us for consultation on various digital marketing strategies. We identify each strategy and document our understanding of each step through process documents and flowcharts. Based on it we recommend customized solutions that result in quicker deliveries and lower costs.

2. Once we understand the requisites of the client and the strategies required, we identify the necessary skills and the level of expertise required to execute the strategy successfully within the stipulated time. We document each step that needs to be followed, time estimates for each task and the best possible way to execute it.

3. We send our clients a Service Level Agreement(SLA) along with the process documentation and the formal proposal. Once it is duly signed by both parties and the payment terms are finalised and mutually agreed upon, the client’s extended team is officially ready! The team members are then introduced to the client and an overview of the project is discussed.

4. The tasks are initiated by our team members,using client preferred platforms. Our team works in close collaboration with the client, giving them an experience of working with their own team members. Client can track the progress of your project in real time. Also, we provide weekly and monthly progress reports and detailed data analysis.