Strategic Inbound Marketing Services For Effective Lead Generation & Lead Management.

Prodigitas, a HubSpot Partner Agency, helps you maximize your ROI through effective inbound marketing service!

Our expert team can help you cut down the initial time required for learning and implementing inbound strategies so that you can get a quick start to your first inbound marketing campaign.

If you have a marketing GOAL, then we’ll help you ACHIEVE it with our all-inclusive inbound marketing service!
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Our Inbound Approach

Steps we follow for Better Leads, More Customers, and Increased Revenue

Inbound Marketing Strategy

We will make a well-defined inbound marketing strategy (Content, PPC, Email, Social Media, etc) which will serve the purpose of generating qualified leads and converting them into customers. We’ll help you lay out SMART goals considering current position of your company and implement activities to reach those goals.

Website Design

Your website reflects your work. We’ll make sure your website is optimized for inbound marketing. From SEO to landing pages, we take care of everything you need for generating qualified leads through your website. We design responsive, user-friendly websites that actually communicate with your buyers.

HubSpot Account Setup & launch

We’ll help you manage your Hubspot marketing & sales software to execute your inbound strategy and align your marketing & sales efforts. This involves creating buyer personas, defining workflows, lead scoring, coming up with relevant content offers, designing efficient forms, CTAs and landing pages, email marketing and much more.

Content Creation & SEO

With blogging and social media promotions, we’ll help you publish & promote content that is inline with your personas & their lifecycle stages. It will enable you to attract qualified visitors to your website and generate better leads. Giving away purposeful content in the form of offers (Whitepapers, Ebooks, or Presentations) will help you handhold your prospects down the inbound funnel.

Integrate Marketing With Sales

We’ll help you establish your data-driven lead management process, and the alignment of marketing and sales to make your leads move down the funnel. We also handle closed-loop reporting and help you focus on the right metrics and KPIs for your business.

Reporting & Analysis

Inbound marketing is data-driven. With consistent review of critical data, we’ll help you conduct analysis and generate reports for various processes. Based on the analysis reports, we can work together and tweak your inbound marketing tactics to drive more leads and close new customers.

“Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.”

-Econsultancy, 2016

Our Certifications


I’m very impressed by the team at Prodigitas. In a short period of time, they’ve understood the nuances of HubSpot and the power of the platform to add value to a customer’s online business. They are showing all the signs that HubSpot’s most successful partners have shown at a similar stage in their partnership journey. I look forward to supporting Prodigitas in their initiatives and am very confident that they will continue delivering great results with their commitment to excellence.

Vikraman Selvarajan
Partner Manager HubSpot

Wondering about the cost of our Inbound Marketing Service?

Inbound marketing is an investment you do which will bring a revolutionary change to your business in terms of sustainable marketing model which gives results. Based on your current position and the complexities involved, along with a few other variables, we can discuss the investment that you need for our inbound marketing service.