Managing All Your Tasks to Run Successful Inbound Campaigns Using HubSpot!

If you’re planning to buy a HubSpot license or already have one, we can support you by managing the day-to-day tasks for the same. While you work on the campaign strategy and produce content, we implement everything on HubSpot for you including hubspot content management, hubspot campaign management, marketing automation services, email marketing campaign services, and much more.

Managing the day-to-day tasks for your inbound marketing campaigns like assets creation, email marketing, lead scoring, analytics, reports, etc can take as much as the time, if not more, that you need for the launch and setup of HubSpot. Prodigitas is a Hubspot Partner Agency and can work with you towards successful HubSpot Management. With our Hubspot Management service, you can get our Hubspot certified experts and management team to work with your team for the growth of your business. If you haven’t already started using HubSpot, we also provide Hubspot Onboarding & HubSpot Launch services for you to beat the learning curve and quickly execute your first inbound marketing campaign!

We Provide the Necessary Fuel for Your Inbound Campaigns to Run Smoothly!

HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot Launch

Campaign Assets Creation

List Management & Segmentation

Email Marketing

Lead Nurturing

Customized Reports

Our 5-Step Process for Effective HubSpot Management

HubSpot Onboarding

We’ll help you get started with HubSpot faster by installing tracking code, setting up domain & subdomain, filtering internal traffic, connecting your social accounts, setting up your blog & analytics tools, integrating your sales & CRM, along with the integration of your existing technology with that of HubSpot.

HubSpot Launch

We’ll work with you towards the set up of your first inbound campaign and guide you at every stage with the necessary elements like the creation of buyer personas, initiation of inbound campaigns, the creation of offers, lists and workflows, integration of your existing technology with HubSpot, and much more.

Campaign Assets Management

Campaign assets creation and timely updation is a crucial part of all inbound campaigns. Right from goal setting to the analysis & reporting, we take care of everything like your buyer personas, landing pages, social sharing & monitoring, email campaign setup, calls-to-action, lead scoring & nurturing, and reporting.

Contacts & Email Management

The experts at prodigitas help you with efficient management of your lists and emails. We’ll import & segment your contact lists, import opt-out lists, set up contact properties, send a test email, setting up effective workflows, creating email lists & templates, sending periodic emails, and much more.

Lead Nurturing & Reporting

We’ll help you set up & manage tasks related to lead scoring, lead nurturing & custom reporting including setup of lifecycle stage workflow, defining lead scoring rules, setting up smart content, building or testing workflows, along with reviewing sources for visitor data, reviewing landing page conversion rates, reviewing conversion path analytics, reviewing blog posts for organic SEO, and generating necessary custom reports.

Here’s what Hubspot says about us!

I’m very impressed by the team at Prodigitas. They’ve understood the nuances of HubSpot and the power of the platform to add value to a customer’s online business.

Vikraman SelvarajanPartner Manager HubSpot

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She will assist you with your marketing and sales strategy,ensuring that you have all the necessary resources and technology to achieve your business objectives.