CRM systems can increase revenue by a whopping 41%, according to Sales teams

HubSpot CRM is a valuable tool to manage and nurture your sales pipeline. It automates all tasks, which means that your salespeople have to do less data entry and can save time too! They can view all the information and interactions in one place, thus, allowing them more time and transparency.

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Why Should You Use HubSpot CRM?

The HubSpot CRM is a great way to enable seamless workflow and synergy between your marketing and sales team. Below is the list of features which makes HubSpot CRM a preferred choice for Inbound Marketers:

User-Friendly and Free– Unlike other CRM’s ,it tracks and organizes all the information at one place, related to your prospects and customers. It is not only easy to use but it’s also free!

Detailed Analysis– It will provide detailed insights about each prospect and also allows you to enter your remarks, follow up reminders and create tasks about the conversation with your prospects.

Monitor your prospects in real time– You can now track your prospects’ website visits, email subscribe, blog, downloads & more in real time. This means that you can understand your prospect’s needs better and take necessary actions.

Email Sync – You can sync the HubSpot CRM with your email id and utilize it for sending emails, meeting invites and also make calls from your inbox or from the CRM directly.

Implement and Configure HubSpot CRM

We will set up the HubSpot CRM so that it delivers as per your specific preferences.

  • Establishes a standardized sales process to support both sales and marketing team
  • Help to get all the data at one place and also allows import of the sales data
  • Complete configuration of all contacts, status of prospect interaction and sales automation
  • Help you with close-loop reporting to integrate sales & marketing efforts
  • Trains your team to use the HubSpot CRM efficiently

CRM Services Consultation For Growth & Excellence

Agency success and Expansion on your mind? Our certified team of inbound marketers specializes in HubSpot Growth Stack, including CRM, Sales PRO, Marketing, & more. They are also proficient in connecting HubSpot to external CRM and ERP systems.

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I’m very impressed by the team at Prodigitas. In a short period of time, they’ve understood the nuances of HubSpot and the power of the platform to add value to a customer’s online business. They are showing all the signs that HubSpot’s most successful partners have shown at a similar stage in their partnership journey. I look forward to supporting Prodigitas in their initiatives and am very confident that they will continue delivering great results with their commitment to excellence.

Vikraman Selvarajan
Partner Manager HubSpot