We ensure a smooth customer journey from clicks to conversions in a cost efficient way. Reach out to know how we leverage PPC to do it.

Your business should see a boost in revenue driven by amazing results that PPC marketing can deliver for you. Our team, expert in driving PPC strategy and execution knows just how to do it.

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Paid Marketing Strategy

We know that PPC campaigns can wander directionless without a long term goal but can deliver wonders with a rightly thought-out strategy. We design and deliver strategy, fit for your specific marketing objectives, including brand building, acquisition and retention, increasing customer lifetime value and more. If you are looking for a well structured strategic approach to PPC campaigns to achieve sustainable results, get in touch!

PPC Account Audits

Have been running PPC campaigns and need a second opinion? Want to overhaul the PPC campaigns but not sure how? We are here to solve the same challenge. Our comprehensive audit process will assess your campaigns and give you a detailed report of health of your campaigns and what can we do to make them even healthier. Want to do a quick checkup? Contact Us.

Managed Paid Marketing

Leave the hassles of launching the PPC campaigns and managing it to the experts. We have a dedicated expert team to handle all your day to day campaign optimizations, ad hoc tasks, new campaign launch and everything under the umbrella of PPC management. We know the pain points of PPC management and more importantly we know how to relieve the pain too. Get in touch!


While it is important to manage and improve campaign performance, we understand that it is also critical to transform your campaign metrics into presentable data, ripe to extract insights to base your future marketing tactics. We deliver end to end reporting solutions in the language marketer’s love, using multiple tools that will help you leverage the customer data. Get in touch!

Why Choose Us

We love Volumes

We house a team of certified experts who have successfully launched, optimized and scaled over 500 paid marketing campaigns across various platforms, making us capable of managing multiple campaigns with efficiency.

Industry No bar

Except gambling and adult industries, our experience in PPC management includes handling multiple sizes and types of clients, cutting across variety of industries. Such dynamic experience has helped us to understand how PPC campaign performance changes with change in the characteristics of business for which it is being run.

Multi-region experience

Having handled PPC projects from multiple regions including Australia, New Zealand, USA and India we are confident to understand how customers from different regions respond to PPC marketing and how paid marketing strategy should be tweaked in order to achieve commensurate results.

Capable of driving different types of campaigns

Our hands on experience of running PPC campaigns makes us expert in deciding which campaign type is most suitable for your marketing objectives. We have successfully driven search, display, remarketing, social media campaigns and achieved best ROI across all.

Transparent reporting solutions

We know that reporting is not just tables, graphs and pie charts but retrieving and highlighting the revenue scaling opportunities hidden deep underneath the data. Therefore we ensure to deliver solid and transparent reporting solutions and present the data in the language your customer understands best.

Dynamic content capabilities

We believe that advertisement in its best form should be as dynamic as the customer it is targeting. Hence we follow a practice to design ad messaging that is personalised, specific and of highest relevance to the customer. We ensure to use the ad space efficiently, without compromising the message that you wish to deliver to the customer.



Increase in conversions for hair transplant clinic over period of 1 month with 65% successful reduction in cost per conversion.

Increase in web traffic for a lodging services client at 75% reduction in average cpc, in 3 weeks of implementing right campaign strategy and targeting.