The client is a industry association with over 1500 members in Australia and New Zealand. They have a yearly convention which is open to their members as well as non-members. They wanted to maximize event registrations for their this year’s convention through Facebook marketing ads.


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The Story

Our client wanted to create the “buzz” about the upcoming yearly convention & increase event registrations by running Facebook ads on discounted ticket prices for a limited time period.

We first studied their business type, buyer persona and previous performance thoroughly. And based on all these factors,we put together a powerful paid promotion strategy to increase the event registrations. Through the Facebook Campaign on “Early Bird Special Pricing” for the yearly convention, we were able to connect with the right target audience at the right time, thus ensuring event registrations.

Then, we carefully created an impactful and enticing ad copy to maximize appeal to these personas and started running Facebook ads. There was a significant boost in ROI, as high as 1922.18% for the early bird campaign for their yearly convention event!

Main challenge: To generate maximum ROI and event registrations within a limited budget and timeline.

The Process

Using the Facebook Advertising platform, we targeted custom audiences with the available customer database of members like facility owners, service providers, etc. and also lookalike audiences that matched our defined persona. Lookalike audiences of their custom audiences were created which clearly defined their buyer personas. We kept our targeting small and specific as narrower audiences are not only easier to reach on a limited budget but are highly likely to convert.

We created a set of 2 campaigns each for member and non-member of SSAA association. We ran A/B Tests with the Facebook ads, making changes in the design, headlines, and placement of graphics, one at a time.  This helped us to steer the campaign in the right direction, and finally, it started showing expected results!


Lesson Learned: Use data at hand effectively to target your Facebook ads strategically. Such as targeting the lost customers who would be interested now and be creating lookalike audience from existing customers and email subscribers.

The Numbers

Total Revenue
increased by


In 2 Weeks

Achieved Conversion Rate of


In 2 Weeks

Cost Per Click of



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