The client had recently launched the mobile app and was looking to boost its downloads and installs. They wanted to see if social media (esp. Facebook) can work out as a business generation channel for them.




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The Story

We studied their previous performance, and based on our observations, put together a robust paid promotion strategy to increase the mobile app installations. We used the Facebook Advertising platform and defined the buyer persona they wish to target. In Facebook, we created a targeted custom audience set for them that matched the defined persona. The ads and creatives were designed specifically to appeal to these personas.

We ran A/B Tests with the ads, making changes that slowly started moving the campaign in the right direction, and finally it started showing expected results.

Post the campaign, the number of app installs increased exponentially – 460% (from 18,014 to 82,867 – over 4 months). Given the response, the company was able to drop the cost of per app installation by 58% ($1.98 to $0.82), which additionally increased the app installation ability by about six times within the given budget.

The Process

We leveraged on the strength of the mobile app and through the Facebook campaign, ensured that the business was able to connect with the right audience – the audience that would be most likely to install and use the app (as defined by the persona).

From a marketing perspective, we created a complete and comprehensive paid social media marketing campaign. This included the design and development of the graphics, varied headlines and placements of the campaign. We also did heavy testing, to ensure that, despite a hyper-competitive app environment, the company was able to gain and maintain longevity in the rankings and usage of its app.

The Numbers

increased by


In four months

reduced by


In four months

Singapore Dollars


In four months

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