Some Stats

The region will account for over 53% of the global Internet population by 2020. Fully capitalizing on digital could add an estimated US$1 trillion to Southeast Asia’s gross domestic product (GDP) over the next 10 years,and boost overall output in the next decade an impressive 40%

In the years leading up to 2018, digital transformation will put US$5.9 trillion in revenue up for grabs for companies across Asia Pacific industries. The “Digital Asia” opportunity is equivalent to seven times the combined revenues currently generated by S&P 500 companies in Asia Pacific Approximately 12% of the net revenue of the Asia Pacific companies surveyed was driven by digital during the last year, compared with the global average of 4.6%

Who do we work with

We help innovative tech product companies drive revenue growth in APAC region

What makes us unique?

one paragraph …..offer tech and sales support to innovative tech product companies.we are strategically located so we can offer assistance in the certain timings to customers in the apac region, use those tools ourselves so the team is fully certified and has expertise on those tools. All these companies have an existing client base in apac region, we will act as a partner to help them grow their business by offering tech support.

Being a digital marketing company we have ourselves been using and advocating the same


Live Human Chat Support– talk about live chat during particular timings to offer instant support , like a chat window pop up , phone calls support.
Prospecting and Business Development– generate qualified leads for the tech companies to grow business
Inbound Sales– offer support in inbound sales. What is inbound sales and how will it benefit your business.
Product Demos and Tech Support– provide assistance and product demo in IT/digital related queries