Adobe Business Catalyst Is Bringing Down The Curtains – What this means for your website?

Adobe recently announced that they’re closing down their rockstar product Business Catalyst and also putting an end to the development of their design application Muse. If you’re a self storage business owner and marketer, you might be alarmed as to what lies ahead!

How Much Time Do You Have?

Well, technically the announcement says by March 26th 2020, all data and websites’ content will be deleted. But, that doesn’t mean you can rest till the last minute for all your data migration work. Based on the size of your website and the amount of data you have on BC, you should start planning a migration ASAP. Not only because of the 2020 deadline, but also because going forward, Adobe will not provide any new update or feature addition to the BC platform.

How Prodigitas Can Help You?

We are experts in Adobe BC, WordPress and HubSpot CMS. Our team will help you in evaluating the best option for you to migrate from Adobe BC and with more than 2000 site builds and migrations under our belt, we will help you seamlessly move away from Adobe BC in the fastest and most cost efficient manner.

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