The largest domain registrar in Australia with the breadth of their offering extending from helping small businesses build an online presence.


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  • Pre-sales Support
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Web Developement
  • Web Maintenance
The Story
Australia’s largest domain registrar approached us in 2008 for pre-sales support. This included pres sales research & prospecting for leads in Australia

After a year of providing this service, we helped expand their service offerings; they started upselling SEO and PPC services. This wasn’t a walk in the park though – it took almost 6-8 months of prospecting – working everyday at identifying, analysing and providing them qualified leads to approach. Like every good story, our efforts started showing results – we got our first client in October, 2008. Soon, we were managing a portfolio of 350+ SEO customers.

Even with high volumes, we managed to work at 96-97% accuracy without any automation. However, we soon reached a point where the massive volumes went outside our percieveble scope; necessitating automation. An automating process was first conceptualised, which culminated in the creation of CakeWalk – a proporietary tool for end-to-end project management.

A new chapter got added to the story when we started getting PPC client. Soon we were handling 100+ accounts, for which we streamlined the process as well.

All this while, the domain registrar was handling the development of websites in-house – something that was neither profitable nor scalable. Since we had an excellent understanding of their client base, we pushed for a Gallery Solution for achieving a streamlined development process. This would result in the first cut of the website being complete in 5 days! This was a hit with the clients, and resulted in us going from being a vendor for them, to being a solutions partner.

Today, the story has turned into a fairytale – we help them generate and average monthly revenue of approximately AUD 2.5 Million, with better-than-ever profitablility and margins.

The Process
Our goal with the domain registrar was to leverage full potential of existing clientbase & increase profitability by healthy margins by providing outsourcing solutions for Development, SEO & PPC
Since the start of our engagement with the domain registrar included pre-sales services, we were able to study their target market thoroughly. We mapped out custom delivery processes keeping in mind the needs of the end customer & designed their entire onboarding process.

Developing the service

After rigorous client research for the Australian market, result-driven packages are created fot the domain registrar, designed to convert leads into customers

Training & Incentives

The sales staff were trained to effectively leverage the pre-sales assets developed and provided to them by us. Additionally, an incentives scheme was set in place to encourage the team and drive sales

Executing Milestones

From the point a client signs up , milestones are defined and followed from the very first day where the Project Manager communicates with the customer on a weekly basis.

Potential bottlenecks are preemtively highlighted to the domain registrar’s account managers, ensuring the smooth handling of potential issues

The Numbers
Development for projects from industries like adventure tourism, education, fashion, interior design, media, NGOs, retail & technology.

WordPress sites developed every year


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