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Design Agency


  • CMS Integration
  • Pre-sales Support
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Web Developement
  • Web Maintenance
The Story
The agency came to us with an urgent project which had to be delivered immediately after Christmas Eve.
The crux was to prioritize the project and work through the Christmas period to complete successful delivery within the time bounds. The agency with its 10+ years of experience had set procedures and extremely high standards of design and delivery which we acclimated to within a short span of time. The success of the first project opened inroads for more projects. While there were initial hiccups, we created internal processes to streamline the engagement. On an average, we work simultaneously on 4-5 projects every month for the agency. A typical project ranges anywhere between one-two months and includes development, project management, reporting ( in the form of daily & weekly status updates) and checklist based audits.
The Process
Our goal with the agency was to create an optimized workflow ensuring consistent feedback loops, timely communication and strict adherence to best practices & deadlines.
Starting with a timely turnaround on proposals & requirement analysis, we helped them expand their client onboarding capabilities. Additionally, we provide them with insights to choose the most optimized path to delivery. After project kickoff, we execute a quick check to ensure the availability of all required assets.

Development Planning

We utilize dynamic resource management to ensure high productivity even during periods of heavy work volume. We setup milestones and sprints and send daily updates

Build & Testing

The web development phase converts the design vision into reality. Most of the site’s pages are completed at this stage of the project. The initial structure that has been laid out is converted into a full-site. Sometimes at this stage, designs are refined as the agency navigates through the growing web site and discover both weak spots and opportunities to improve navigation or content.

Accessibility & Web Standards
Establishing accessibility and web standards like AODA

Adhering to chosen development framework & CMS

Designing the database structure required for the website content

Implementing functionality for required features

Integration of client content into the website

site performance
Ensuring proper web access, site speed and performance

Implementing security features

Implementing required markup for SEO, Social Media & others
The Numbers
Development for projects from industries like adventure tourism, education, fashion, interior design, media, NGOs, retail & technology.

hours of combined web development


projects successfully delivered in under a year

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