The client is a white-label SE0 / PPC / SMO services provider with over 2000 online properties across 100 industry niches.


Search Marketing


  • All-in-one Analytics Integration
  • Process Automation
  • Project Monitoring Automation
  • Reporting Automation
The Story
The client, a search marketing agency of 8 years, were looking to automate their workflow due to ever increasing volumes
The client is an agency that provides SEO/ PPC/SMO services. When they started off, they had a handful customers, whom they catered to with relative ease. The processes were well defined and in place. Therefore, the workflow could be managed manually. The percentage of efficienvy while the volumes were low was very high – 99%. This was one of the client’s USPs and the reason for increased business. The increased business brought with it added volumes, in terms of sheer numbers, quality checks etc. Errors started creeping in and efficiency started dropping. In order to curb this, a second layer of quality control had to be put in place. Soon , it too reached a threshold after which it was practically unmanagable, manually. This is where we came into the picture. The idea was to identify specific painpoints, bottlenecks and to develop a solution to address these issues permanently. We also had to consider the scalability factor – our solution should be infinitely expandable. This led to the conceptualization and development of a proprietary, state-of-the-art tool. We kept learning constantly throughout the development phase, constantly evolving the tool to meet multiple requirements. What started as a means to help the team manage projects, evolved into a full fledged stand-alone application – a turnkey solution to all of the client’s efficiency improvement and scalability needs.
The Process
Coming up with the solution was a three step process – identifying gaps, conceptualizing solution & developing it.
Our engagement with the client pre-dated the start of this specific project. We had an in-depth knowledge of their manual processes as we played a pivotal role in the development of the same. This kept our discovery phase to a minimum and we were able to make the leap into creating a solution much faster.

Identifying the Gaps

Identifying all gaps in the current workflow was an essential step to creating the solution. Some issues that had started creeping in included:

  1. Mixing up client names
  2. Missing important data
  3. Missing milestones
  4. Wastage of time in manually gathering data from various analytics platforms
  5. Missing delivery deadlines

This phase equipped us with the valuable knowledge about the existing weaknesses

Conceptualizing the Solution

Conceptualizing a framework to fill the gaps was not a watertight process. We had to keep the framework flexible and robust enough to withstand dynamic changes in the working and scalability. This led us to pre-empt some ideas into the framework keeping in mind the future need scenarios. The key features of the framework included:

  1. Complete automation of all defined processes like reporting, milestone creating, reminders, etc.
  2. Integration of all analytics tools onto a single platform.
  3. Abilities to integrate manual intervention into the processes wherever required.

Developing the App

Developing, testing and upgarding the application to be infinitely scalable and to dynamically meet changing requirements was a daunting task. The application went through rigourous testing phases. It wasn’t perfect from get go either. We tasted a couple of bitter failures here and there before successfully rolling out the final version for the client.

The Numbers
Efficiency increase resulting from the use of our proprietary automation software – Cakewalk – reflected in numbers over time:

improvement in turnaround time

2500+ hrs

saved every year


Total Savings per year (AUD)

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